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The Polish liked to denounce Jews.

There are countries that refuse to confront their past and many with their present.

The Turks continue to deny the Armenian genocide more than a century later, the Germans continue with much amnesia about what they knew or not in Hitler's time and the Poles present themselves as if the only ones who murdered Jews were the Germans.

Today, in the times of the Internet and instant news, the extermination of Christians in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world goes unnoticed, in a Western world more concerned with veganism than with murdered Christian children.

Both Turkey and Poland have enacted laws trying to create a single truth, in which of course their crimes do not appear. We are going to challenge them.

A Spanish proverb says that "one button is enough to show the totality".

In his book Jan Grabowski  "Hunt for the Jews" Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland". Indiana University Press. 2013.  It deals with the hunting of Jews in an area of Poland during the German occupation. We will see if it is true, as the Poles say, that only the Germans killed Jews.

First it is necessary to know that in the occupied zones, in addition to the German gendarmes there was a Polish police, called "blue", because of the color of their uniform.
After the liquidatiion of guettos in 1942, some Jews went into hiding in Dabrowa Tarnowska county, and many others. But the book study only this county that was controled by Germans till January 1945.

Dabrowa Tarnowska
The author said that the death can come to the Jews by a German gendarm, a Blue Polish policeman or from a neighbour.

Polish “blue” policeman fines a Jew for jaywalking, . 

  We know that most humans are not heroes, so the risk of continued help to the Jews cannot be expected from the majority of the population, however there were heroes who paid with their lives, and that of their families, that help. But at least one indifference or neutrality could be expected, but on the contrary this book shows that the majority willingly collaborates in the hunt and death of the hidden Jews.

  Poles did not begin to persecute and denounce Jews suddenly when the Germans arrived, Polish anti-Semitism is very old and as strong or more than German. Already in the 1930s there were anti-Jewish pamphlets such as "Don't buy anything from a Jew," much like those of the German Nazis at the time, and riots against Jewish businesses, breaking windows, beating them, and so on. 
  Even Prime Minister Felicjan Sławoj-Składkowski, seen by many as sympathetic to the plight of minorities, declared himself in favor of an economic boycott of Jewish commerce. In his speech delivered in the Polish parliament (Sejm) on June 4, 1936, the prime minister said “yes, to economic struggle, but no to physical violence.” 

According to Grabowski, Poles were responsible, directly or indirectly, for the deaths of more than 200,000 Jews during the Holocaust. He held this estimate to be very conservative, as he did not include victims of the Polish Blue Police."The great majority of Jews in hiding perished as a consequence of betrayal. They were denounced or simply seized, tied up and delivered by locals to the nearest station of the Polish police, or to the German gendarmerie." 

 Symcha Hampel, who went into hiding in a village close to Radomsko, noted in his wartime diary: 

 "Poland is probably the only country in the world where practically the whole society betrayed and handed over to the Germans each hidden Jew, their fellow citizen. I want to stress that thousands of Jewish children have been caught this way, handed over to the German murderers. The Poles worked hard and well [to make it possible]. . . . The entire Polish society is to be blamed, and the Polish clergy most of all. Only now, living among the Poles, can I see how deeply entrenched is antisemitism in Polish society . . . the priests often discussed the Jews in church and thanked God that these parasites were gone once and for all. They were grateful to Hitler for having done the dirty work [for them].  "

I´m not sure that Poland was the only country in the world that did it, the Baltic countries and others had similar behavior.

   Grawoski ontinues : The alleged closeness between Jews and gentiles living in the rural areas did not translate, according to contemporary witnesses, into stronger empathy, better treatment, or more energetic attempts at rescue. On the contrary, many peasants, seduced by modest prizes and inducements offered by the Germans, became actively involved in hunting down the Jews. Others joined the search out of fear. In many cases, the fleeing Jews had left their belongings with trusted peasants for safekeeping. For some farmers, this was too much of a temptation, and Jewish merchandise, money, or livestock became a reason for betrayal or even murder. 
Some Jewish hunt sites Borek Fałęcki, Wieliczka, Bochnia, and Swoszowice, for instance, 500 złoty and a kilogram of sugar were being offered for every captured Jew. These tactics resulted in success for the Germans. The local population in great numbers turned Jews over to the Germans, who shot these “criminals.” . . . Besides rewards, the Germans also utilized a system of punishments for hiding the Jews. Posters threatening capital punishment for this “crime” appeared before every “liquidation action” against the Jews in any given locality. 

Circumstances of Death of Jews in Hiding, Dąbrowa Tarnowska County 

Killed by the German police (gendarmerie)—own action........................... 7 
Killed by the German police (gendarmerie)—denounced by the locals,,,, 98 
Killed by the locals ......................................................................................7 
Killed by the “blue” Polish police—own action ..........................................13 
Killed by the “blue” Polish police..............................................................102
Denounced by the locals 102 Unknown circumstances............................ 59 

Victims (total)........................................................................................ 286 

As we can see, most of the murders are committed by the Polish blue police or by denunciations from Poles to Germans.

 One testimony :

In one of the Jewish testimonies we read that “in 1942, Rywka Glückmann and her two sons found shelter in the house of one Michał Kozik from Dąbrowa Tarnowska (Ruda Zazamcze). He kept them from 1942 until 1944 (three months before the Russians arrived), as long as they paid him. Once the money was gone, Kozik murdered all three of them with an axe. Jews hiding across the street (Chaskiel Gruszow with his mother, Berker’s sister and Aron Berker) heard the howls of the murdered, and the next day learned that the Glückmanns were dead.”

Another one:

Sometime in 1942 or 1943 “unknown Jewboys came during the night to the farm of Andrzej Łach, trying to steal some apples from the trees.” 23 The “unknown Jew-boys” actually proved to be two young Jewish girls, who were soon caught by the peasants. “Later the persons who were caught,” testified one of the witnesses, “asked to be let go,” but they asked in vain, and both were brought to the village elder. He, in turn, asked the village “section leader” and two other peasants to deliver the girls to the police detachment in Bolesław. Once in Bolesław, the peasants surrendered the Jewish girls into the custody of German gendarme Richard Keter, who—later that day—shot them in a nearby field.
German police officer searches a peasant’s hut. 1942. 

Number of people in hiding (countywide) *

% of the known cases of help       % [number] of people who survived the war. 

Paid help                112 [70%]                   9% [10] 
Altruistic help**         48 [30%]                 56% [27] 
No precise data      177                             8% [14] 

Total                       337                           15% [51] 

*Grabowski, Jan. Hunt for the Jews (p. 137). Indiana University Press.
**The category “altruistic help” also includes those helpers who initially offered shelter for money but once their"guests” ran out of financial resources, decided to keep the Jews for free

Grabowski continues :

In the summer of 2009 the influential German weekly Der Spiegel published a front-page article entitled “Dark Continent: Hitler’s European Helpers.” According to its authors, the extermination of European Jews was not only a German deed, but also a result of the involvement of many other nationalities, allies, sympathizers and fellow travelers. The extermination of the Jews was possible with the participation of Latvian policemen, Lithuanian “shooters” ( shaulai), Ukrainian militias and guardsmen, Polish mobs from Jedwabne or Radziłów, French or Belgian volunteers for the SS, but also their civilian and uniformed fellow citizens, who robbed Jews and locked them in prisons. One could carry this list on and on. In Poland, Der Spiegel ’s article raised some ire, mostly among politicians and journalists, who accused the German authors (not without some justification) of trying to share the blame for the Shoah with the rest of Europe. Maybe so, but the question raised by Der Spiegel still requires an answer: would the Germans have succeeded as completely as they did in exterminating the European Jews without the often unforced, and sometimes enthusiastic, support of non-German volunteers and helpers? In light of the evidence presented in this book, it can be argued that the attitudes of the local population had, at least for some Jews, fundamental and existential importance. 

Nothing more to add.

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What happened to the Nazi judges?

The more you know in detail what was done with the Nazi assassins after the war, the more surprised one stays.

In the collective memory the Nuremberg trials are identified with the trials of the highest commanders of the Nazi régime, Goering, Hess, etc., but there were other judgments that the public totally ignores.

One of them was the trial of the judges. The German judges who wrote and executed the murdoreus German laws in Hitler's time. On whose consciences weighed thousands of innocent deaths.

The trial of the judges (officially, The United States of America vs. Josef Altstötter, et al.) Was the third of the twelve war crimes trials that the US authorities conducted in Nuremberg, in the US occupation zone in Germany, after the end of World War II. These twelve trials were executed before US military courts and not before the International Military Court, although they took place in the same rooms at the Nuremberg Palace of Justice

Logically, a common citizen would expect them to be sentenced to harsh punishment or death. It was quite the opposite.

Nine of them had been officers of the Reich Ministry of Justice, the others were prosecutors and judges of the special courts or the Volksgerichtshöfe of Nazi Germany. The trial lasted from March 5 to December 4, 1947.

Criminal war judges tried

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The CIA contrated genocides ?... Yes and a lot.

Among the many surprises that the true history of WWII holds for us, the hiring by the CIA of genocides of the worst kind is one of the biggest. No wonder this story has been hidden for decades till recently.

   Some of us knew that USA recruited killer scientists like Von Braun for its space flights and atomic studies, by the way the Russians also "recruited" German scientists, but what the CIA did overcomes this horror and lack of scruples if that were possible.

  Damien Lewis en his book "SAS nazi hunters" Quercus. London. 2019. Pages 307-399.Said :
 Under the US War Crimes Disclosure Act, the CIA was forced to release an assesment of its links to former  Nazis, marked "secret" and entitled ""America" Seeing-Eye Dog on a Long Leash"......
  In 2006, a limited number of Gehlen Organization files were released under the US War Crimes Disclosure Act. From the study of those, the highly respected federation of American Scientist (FAS) Proyect on Government Secrecy listed the names of the top Nazi war criminla employed by the Gehlen Organization and thus also by the CIA

   These included: former SS Oberführer Willi Krichbaum. responsible for the deportation of Hungarian Jews, of ,whom some 300.000 lost their lives. SS Standartenfürer Walter Rauff. who personally designed and supervised the mobile extermination vans used to gas Jews; SS Oberführer Dr. Franz Six. who in 1941 commanded an Einmt:gruppe that exterminated the Jews of the Russian city ol Smolensk; SS .Sturmbannführer Alois Brunner. a Gestapo official who  worked directly under Adolf Eichmann, and who 'purged'  Paris of its Jews. 
    And lest one concludes that this was purely an Americm  phenomenon, the British proved equally adept at recruiting  suspected Nazy war criminals eilher to spy on the Russians, or   because they were privy to Nazi Germanys much-sought-afler   technological and military secrets. If there were an equivalent   British act to the US Nan War Crimes Act - which sadly there   isn't currently - files would doubtless emerge that would prove   equally disconcerting.

  In this web you find more names :

Waler Rauff young
Walter Rauff old
Reinhard Gelen , the "Boss"

Franz Six
 The designer of exterminattion vans
  Died in 1984 in Santiago de Chile ( Chile)

  Rauff is thought to have been responsible for nearly 100,000 deaths during World War II. He was instrumental in the implementation of the Nazis' genocide by mobile gas chamber. His victims included CommunistsJewsRoma and people with disabilities. He was arrested in 1945, but subsequently escaped and was never brought to trial. 
 Now we know why he "escaped".
The Gehlen Organization or Gehlen Org was an intelligence agency established in June 1946 by U.S. occupation authorities in the United States zone of Germany, and consisted of former members of the 12th Department of the German Army General Staff (Foreign Armies East, or FHO). It was headed by Reinhard Gehlen who had previously been a Wehrmacht Major General and head of the Nazi German military intelligence in the Eastern Front during World War II.

The agency was a precursor to the Bundesnachrichtendienst (or Federal Intelligence Agency) which was formed in 1956 with majority of nazis in the staff.

Franz Six was assigned as chief of Vorkommando Moscow, a unit of Einsatzgruppe B in the Soviet Union. During this command, Six's Kommando reported "liquidating" 144 persons. The report claimed "The Vorkommando Moscow was forced to execute another 46 persons, amongst them 38 intellectual Jews who had tried to create unrest and discontent in the newly established Ghetto of Smolensk.

Franz the Einsatzgruppen Trial of 1948

 the Nuremberg tribunal sentenced him to 20 years' imprisonment. A clemency court commuted this sentence to 10 years, and he was released on 30 September 1952. He served about 7.5 years from his arrest to his release- about 13.5 days for each of his 200 victims. CIA files suggest Six joined the Gehlen Organization, the forerunner to the Bundesnachrichtendienst, in the 1950s.[
  Franz Six retired to Friedrichshafen in southern Germany. He worked as a publicity/advertising executive for Porsche

Klaus Barbie
Was in France where Klaus Barbie won the nickname "Butcher of Lyon." He did so after stopping 44 Jewish children from an Izieu orphanage; assassinate resistance leader Jean Moulin; end the life of more than 4,400 prisoners; Torture 14,000 French and deport more than 7,000 people to the dreaded German concentration camps.

In 1947, the United States produced a report on this character and the possibility that his police work against the Jews was useful in the Cold War to persecute the hidden communists in Germany.

 Thus, Robert S. Taylor (one of the first swords of the secret counterintelligence services of the US -CIC-) described the bestial "Butcher of Lyon": "He is an honest man, both intellectually and personally, without nerves or fears, a declared and idealistic anti-communist of Nazism who believes that his ideas were betrayed by the Nazis in power, and the same happened with Allan A. Ryan Jr, assistant to the Attorney General of North America, who else later he emphasized the following: "If Klaus Barbie was at your disposal, it was effective, loyal and reliable [...] to use it, it corresponded to the best American interests of the moment".

    Later, in October, USA. UU. He established that Barbie became part of the US secret services to fight communism. Thereafter, the "Butcher of Lyon" served as a spy under the American umbrella to fight the USSR.

  All this, although it was closely followed by the justice of the allies. «The French government tried to locate Barbie. His ambassador to Washington and other important leaders put pressure on the State Department and the United States High Commission for Germany, asking them for help in their work. But the CIC continued to give him work, ”adds the expert in his work.

   So it was until a few years later. Luck wanted that, in 1951, the sources of information of this former Nazi officer put him aside. This fact, together with international pressure, caused the White House to obtain this cruel false documentation subject, offered him a new identity, and escorted him to Genoa, from where he fled to South America.
   It was not for less, because they felt a real dread at the possibility that it was out of the tongue. The last point was in a report sent by the counterintelligence service itself in 1950. It explains that "to claim, Barbie points out that he served the CIC faithfully against communism in recent years." It was the best thing that would happen to the former Nazi officer, as the Americans had even considered ending their lives to avoid explaining what had happened in the country.
  And, those years the United States was more concerned with preventing the spread of communism (materialized in the coup d'etat of Fidel and Raúl Castro against Batista in Cuba back in 1952), than thinking of scruples. Based on this - and as specified in 2008, "Daily Express" journalist Paul Callan in his report "The Nazi Cocaine Connection" -, the Americans suffered a Barbie to traffic with "coca paste" and " sell assault weapons. to 'rightists' »in some more Latin American countries could.

  The specialized historian in Latin America Paul Gootenberg is of the same opinion, as indicated in his book «Andean Cocaine. The process of a global drug ».

  For his part, the essayist James Cockcroft goes even further in the work "Latin America and the United States: country-by-country political history" and explains that Barbie's connection with the government was even greater: "A former Vice Minister of Interior of Bolivia testified that Barbie had been Lieutenant Colonel of the Bolivian army, who helped establish concentration camps and was responsible for the imprisonment, torture and death of opponents of Bolivia's military government in 1964-1982. Barbie also organized the sale of weapons in a circle of drug traffickers.

In 1984, Barbie was indicted for crimes committed as Gestapo chief in Lyon between 1942 and 1944. The jury trial started on 11 May 1987 in Lyon .

Barbie was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died in prison in Lyon four years later of leukemia and spine and prostate cancer at the age of 77.

Meanwhile in Germany :

After the war, the restoration of former officials to positions in the Foreign Ministry occurred at an astonishing rate. The political division alone soon counted 13 former Nazi Party members among its top officials, while 11 of the 17 senior members of the legal department were former Nazis. "There is no other federal ministry," then SPD parliamentarian Fritz Erler concluded, "that is maintaining the continuity of Berlin tradition in this manner than the Foreign Ministry."

The restoration of the old elites also had consequences for foreign policy, which veteran diplomats still deny to this day. Old Nazis were usually sent to posts in South America and Arab countries, where they shaped the image of the supposedly new republic. The diplomats repeatedly took steps to protect Nazis hiding abroad and accused war criminals from persecution.

In the 1950s, the German embassy in Buenos Aires unquestioningly issued travel documents to the family of Adolf Eichmann, one of the key organizers of the Holocaust, for a trip to Germany. No one bothered to draw any conclusions about Eichmann's whereabouts.

As SPIEGEL revealed in 1968, the main legal protection office at the Foreign Ministry even developed into a "warning service" for old Nazis. With the help of the Red Cross, the diplomats informed about 800 Germans and Austrians that they should avoid traveling to France, because they had been convicted of war crimes there and could run into "difficulties."

The case of the Finance Ministry, in particular, highlights the dangerous pragmatism adopted by West Germany's founders in their personnel policies. Shortly after the new constitution had come into effect, Konrad Adenauer, postwar West Germany's first chancellor and anything but a Nazi sympathizer, demanded an "end to this sniffing out of Nazis."

"You can't build a Finance Ministry if you don't have at least a few people in senior positions who understand something about earlier history," Adenauer told the parliament, seeking to justify his support of staffing continuity.*
* Der Spiegel