Germans are changing really nowdays?

My view is that changes in countries not occur overnight, but they need a long, long time. Hitler was not a paratrooper fell on a village of people angelic but was the result of a long historical period and did what many Germans wanted.
  Just as the defeat of Germany did not change his mind, this is changing very slowly over the generations, but only if these new generations are educated properly. If they hide the past, which is what happened for several decades after 1945, and if you allow  Nazi organizations and the German grandparents, for the most guilty of crimes against humanity by act or complicity, are raising their grandchildren, the change will be very slow.
  Germany has changed from what it was before 1945, but not as much as the people think and if her financial situation worse, would return to their ancient historical behavior.

There is a person, Gunther Demnig,  that is dedicated to placing plates on the floor dedicated to the people who lived there and were killed by the Germans.
One paragraph of the article in "The Guardian" dedicated to him on 05.13.2013 is interesting to perceive some aspects of the current German reality.

"...In 1996 he laid the first Stolpersteine in Berlin, illegally. Three months later, the plates51 of them, all along one streetcame to the attention of the authorities when the stones impeded construction work. They wanted to remove them, but the workers refused. Bureaucrats came to inspect the stones, and they were retrospectively legalised.
By 2000, Demnig was laying Stolpersteine legally. But they were never uncontroversial. Every now and then, he meets resistance from landlords who would rather not have remembrance thrust upon them. And right-wing extremists hate the very notion: Demnig says he has received three death threats..."

Link the the article of "The Guardian"

Everyday racism in Germany
"As much as you speak the language and well integrated into German society, if your foreign origin can not escape the everyday racism in this country." This does not say only immigrants, but also Germans.
Rösler, German Vice Chancellor of Vietnamese origin, is the exception that proves the rule.
It took about 30 years for Christian Keller knew what it is to be one among many. The business administration student was in the Philippines, in a study trip, researching for his thesis. It was there, sitting in one of the typical mini-buses called "jeepney" which was an eye opening experience: none of the other passengers noticed him.
"It was very touching to feel that did not attract attention," says Keller. But at that time also felt a deep sadness because it became aware of the huge burden with which he had lived the past three decades in Germany - despite being German.
 Julius Zime, Mozambique, living legally for 14 years in Germany. He worked as a postman, but the continuing destrato forced him to resign.
Christian Keller, Berlin's 42 years old, seems to worry about the strange and even hostile attitude with which they treat many Germans. On the contrary, usually amuses him. Like that time he was with his daughter at the market square of a town in southern Germany.
An older woman, about two feet away just Keller, told shamelessly to his companion that 'how could it be possible that this man as black hair and dark skin was the father of that child between blonde and redhead' . What funny is people think Keller in a moment.
But not all difficult situations can be compensated with a sense of humor. "In Saxony was once a 'skinhead' I shouted, 'Look, there goes a fidji' Then, of course not travel over there with my wife and my children."
But this Asian German does not fear for his own safety. It is great as a closet, used to play football and combat sports, is confident and transmits it's best not to get into trouble with him. But he also confesses to always be with the "radar" on and accurately record everything that happens around them, "especially when I'm with my family." This constant effort finds it exhausting.
Equal treatment and Constitution
 Aygül Özkan, of Turkish origin, to take over as Minister for Family and Integration in Lower Saxony, in 2010.
Under the Constitution, it is German by birth or naturalization. And, given that all citizens are equal before the law, it should not matter what the physical appearance and origin of a person or their parents or grandparents.
In Germany there are cases that give proof that it is possible for a Vietnamese boy adopted by a German couple, can become vice chancellor of the federal government - as happened with the Liberal Party politician (FDP) Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister today Economy.
Another similar example is that of Aygül Özkan, a woman of Turkish descent, born in Hamburg, he was appointed Minister of Family and Integration in Lower Saxony. These people are highly respected - because they managed to be accepted, in spite of everything.

Obstacles in the labor market

 Nuran Yigit Antidiscrimination Network addresses in Berlin.
If you have the name "right", ie a German name, already has a large advantage. Thus, Christian Keller never suffered serious problems of racism when he made a telephone appointment to visit a rental apartment or when sending your application for a job position.
"If it's a foreign name," observes Nuran Yigit, Antidiscrimination Network Berlin (ADNB), "it may be that the application finished in last place and the person never receives an invitation for a personal interview." Institute for the Future of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, corroborates this through a study.
Similar applications were sent several students requesting an internship. In all those that were accompanied by a German name the success rate was 14 percent higher than in those with a Turkish name.
"It is said that Germany promises that if you do everything right, you try and you'll receive a bachelor, you're part of this society," said Yigit, dedicated professionally for eight years to uncover cases of discrimination.
"But this is a lie". Serdar Yazar, Yigit colleague, did a test on a number of clubs in the capital and found that many of them limited access so racist. "We sent a group of handsome boys, southern aspect and the doorman said the club was full, Yazar account. "When we send a similar group, but consists of Central, there was no problem in letting them enter the premises."
 The German journalist Günter Wallraff documented German racism "disguised" African.
Experts speak of "discrimination with a smile," when people reject absurd excuse, simply because they seem to live for generations in Germany. The apartment advertised "unfortunately just rented" the restaurant that night just holding a "private party" and hotel "unfortunately all rooms are occupied."
Anyone who feels discriminated against in Germany may file a complaint in a counseling center as ADNB, so provides the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG) 2006. Who treated unfairly or unequal treatment resulted can be fined. But there are very few who know the law and the law that gives citizens.

Good intentions negative effect

But the Germans of foreign origin also confronted many times a type of discrimination which, despite being well-intentioned, can hurt too. "How well you speak German". For those who grew up in this country and is fully integrated into German society, this phrase is more offensive than complimentary.
Michel Favre, son of French Caribbean island of Martinique, says: "I'm sick of being told how well we know move 'us blacks'. The other day I went to say and all I had done was go apretujándome between two shelves in our store. "
Author: Heiner Kiesel / Valeria Risi

This news would resign any truly democratic government. According to the German government proposing to nationalize energy is "undemocratic".

German Secret Service spies on leftist MPs 25

At least 25 of the 75 parliamentarians of the German party The Left are suspected of belonging to a 'group openly extremist "and therefore subject to surveillance by German secret service, Der Spiegel magazine reports in its latest print edition (to be published this Monday). The publication cites a federal agency's confidential file. German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, ordered a review of systematic surveillance after criticism that produced the internal dissemination of information.
The record describes, according to the publication, six Left groups as enemies of the German Constitution. He names the three main party: Anti-Capitalist Left (with approximately 1,900 members), Socialist Left (800) and Communist Platform (about 1,250 members), and the three smaller groups Forum Marxist Socialist Cuba Dialogue Yes
According to the record, are anti-democratic leanings test attempts to reach agreements of government with extra-parliamentary movements. Also the need to nationalize the energy companies or plan to build a "caring society beyond capitalism" fall into that category, according to the magazine (dpa).

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