42.500 Death Camps

Studies continue to emerge, diaries of normal Germans , books, documents , etc, proving something every German knows, the Germans who lived between 1933 and 1945 knew what the Nazis were doing to the Jews and POW´s and occupied population, and they´re agree or keep silent.
This study far exceeds what we knew about the death camps.
The difficulty in those years was not found with any Death Camp several times a day in Germany, since among other hard labor, slaves  used to remove debris from the German cities after the attacks allies, even children saw them.
It's curious how a fact so obvious, German knowledge of all the crimes, was kept secret so long.

A study of the Holocaust Museum in Washington figure at 42,500 the death camps, forced labor centers and implemented by Hitler Jewish ghettos.
There are the great and infamous names formed always horror mapping: Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka, Warsaw. And then comes the vast and endless universe of large, medium or small camps and ghettos that formed the heart of the Nazi regime. Now, ( 2013 ) a study by researchers at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington has been estimated at 42,500 centers of torture, suffering and death designed and implemented by the Nazis.
The total is so vastly superior to that previously thought that maybe Holocaust history is about to be rewritten. In fact, the finding made by Geoffrey Megargee and Dean Martin-main-is responsible for the project of this magnitude in the numbers gives that has fallen like a bombshell among specialists and the Remedy Nazi horror end.
According Megargee and Dean, between 15 and 20 million people were killed or imprisoned in some of the facilities that the Nazi regime established in Germany or in the occupied countries from France to Romania, and now identified in a final volume encyclopaedia is expected to see the light in 2025. The sites now include not only documented death centers, but also 30,000 labor camps, 1,150 Jewish ghettos, concentration camps 980, 1,000 POW camps, 500 brothels full of sex slaves for the German military and thousands of others fields whose use was euthanize the elderly and infirm, germaniced and  perform abortions and prisoners.
Hartmut Berghoff, Director of the German Historical Institute in Washington, says that when the Holocaust Museum this meticulous investigation began, "it was believed that the number of camps and ghettos was in 7000". Whole parts of wartime Europe became black holes of death, torture and slavery with the creation of camps and ghettos during Hitler's reign of brutality between 1933 and 1945. "Now we know how thick was that network, even though many fields were small and had a short life," he explains.
Whole parts of wartime Europe became black holes of death, torture and slavery with the creation of camps and ghettos during Hitler's reign of brutality between 1933 and 1945
At first, the fields were built to lock up political opponents of the regime, but as Nazism spread like a cancer through Europe, not only chased the Jews but also Gypsies, homosexuals, Poles, Russians, Communists, Spanish Republicans ... Depending on the needs of the Nazis, the camps and ghettos varied in size and organization, the study concludes.
The most infamous ghetto in Warsaw is that during higher occupancy housed 500,000 people. The smaller field now identified by researchers at the Holocaust Museum had a dozen people in forced labor in München-Schwabing (Germany).
The investigation has been extended 13 years, along which figures were steadily growing horror at the hands of the specialists ... to reach those 42,500. The map these numbers drawn features a photograph in which literally could not go anywhere without encountering Germany a labor camp or concentration.
For years, many researchers have focused their work in bringing to light all the victims of the Holocaust, many thought it was much higher than that quoted in textbooks. The number of Jewish victims of Nazism is estimated at six million.
The finding is one more argument to combat the revisionists and Holocaust deniers
The research not only opens the door to a new chapter in what Nazi terminology called the final solution, but it will enable Holocaust survivors sue or recover property stolen them. To date, many requests to insurance companies were rejected because the victims said they had been in a field for which there was no record. That just changed. Although in view of Professor Berghoff, say that history will rewrite would be "overkill". "The history of the Holocaust and its dimension is known to spare. But we knew new details, which is very important and leaves much clearer contours "he says.
Work has compiled documentation provided by more than 400 researchers and includes first-hand accounts of victims that accurately describe how the system worked and what was their purpose. For some analysts, the finding is not only an essential tool for scholars and survivors but an argument to counter the revisionists and Holocaust deniers.
The staff if Henry Greenbaum, Holocaust survivor, 84, who lives just outside Washington, is included in the museum's research. It is a clear example of the wide variety of sites that the Nazis used to kill those they considered enemies of his doctrine. Greenbaum spends his days today showing the Holocaust Museum visitors. On his arm is tattooed the number that the system assigned: A188991. His first imprisonment was in the ghetto of Starachowice (in his native Poland), where the Germans locked him and his family along with other Jewish inhabitants in 1940. Greenbaum was 12 years old.
His family was sent to die in the Treblinka camp, while he and his sister were assigned to a labor camp. His next destination was Auschwitz, where he was taken to work in a factory, also in Poland, and then sent to another labor camp in Flossenburg, near the Czech border. At 17, Henry Greenbaum had gone through five different closures and was sixth field road when it was liberated by American soldiers in 1945.

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