After the War

As with the WWII in the postwar period there exist many unknown facts and that I hope, little by little, to develop in this blog, I will enumerate only some of them.

  • The Poles, yes the Poles, not the Germans, kept on killing Jews after the end of the war in numerous progroms.

  • Most of the criminal Nazi and of the Wermacht were not punished by no means, living through normal lives in western Germany and occupying in any cases excellent charges in the Administration and Army.

  • The German Administration of Adenauer, and later, they helped criminals Nazi, even to escape to other countries.

  • The Anglo-Saxons chased with big hardness the killer Germans of allied prisoners, but they protected killers of hundreds   thousands of Russian and Jewish civils.

  • The movement of population of the postwar period.

  • The return of  stolen goods from the Jews to their owners, better said the not return.

  • The poverty and desolation in which the USSR stayed in the areas of German occupation and since it recovered.

  • The tragedy of the Russian prisoners on having returned and to be considered to be suspects by Stalin.

  • As the Italians invaded part of Croatia to protect the Serbians and Jews who were being massacred by the Croatians and how, in general, the Italians did dull ears to the demands of the Germans of killing Jews.

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