Jews murder in Poland for Poles after the end of the war

After the atrocities committed against the Jews in the war, any normal person would hope that the survivors who were turning to its villages and cities from horrifyingly extermination fields or from the Soviet union, should receive by commiseration, piety, hugs, happiness and all kinds of help would be provided to them.
 It was exactly the opposite.
 On having returned to its birth places, the Jews were received by hostility, they were threatened, struck and in many cases, murdered by their own Polish neighbors.
 There are several reasons to explain this behavior, but two are the main ones. The first one the current anti-Semitism in Poland from before the war, especially in the field and small towns and other one having appropriated (stolen) of the properties of the Jews, therefore its return was implying having to return them.
  The Jews found scarce help of the authorities of the Poland of the postwar period, only in the high levels of the administration orders were expressed to fight against the anti-Semitism, but in the intermediate and low levels, which are the levels with what it has that the citizen usually treats, the anti-Semitism was the general norm. As it was happening with the German people, most of the Polish people were, and still they are, anti-Semitic.
  This moral twisting of the society came to the point of which the scarce Poles who had helped the Jews during the war, hiding them in its houses or for other means, were concealing its actions after the liberation came and did not want that its actions were becoming public because they were afraid for its lives, given the general anti-Semitism of its neighbors.
 It was joust the opposite of for what any normal human being would wait, instead of being rewarded and extolled like examples of human kindness they were punished and, some, murdered.
  There were Jews slaughters (progroms) in many villages and Polish cities after the war, for example in Jedwabne, Rzeszow, Krakow (August 1945), Kielce (July 1946), etc, around 1.500 victims.
  The details that surround all the anti-Semitism acts are simply disgusting and they do that the estimation of the Polish society for a neutral spectator goes down at negligible levels.
 From excavating with tractors in the surroundings of the concentration camps looking for objects of value or golden teeth between the corpses, up to a Pole that murdered the parents of a child to remain with him, or requests of Polish town halls to the style Nazi, directed to the Jewish council of the city needing from them that a certain number of women was going to work to a certain place, or even sending Jewish men to work to the mines.
 Of course, in its habitual behaviour, the catholic church did not do anything to protect these unfortunate.
 The logician resulted from this behavior of the Polish society in its whole is that most of the scarce survivors of the holocaust and that that were coming from the Soviet Union were emigrating towards other countries, Israel, the United States or any other where its life was not running risk.

Regina Fisz and her chil, murdered during the progrom in Kielce, in the hospital morgue.

Victims of the Kielce progrom.

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