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Crimes without punishment

My view, documented by facts, is that the punishment of German criminals, was the exception rather than the rule. The propaganda we have received from children with the Nuremberg trials led to believe to the public that justice was done, but apart from that judgment and a very few similars after,the reality is that the vast majority of German criminals were not punished in any way, returned to civilian life and even occupied high positions in the administration, government and German companies. All it protected and permitted by the Western powers especially the United States through various operations such as the so-called "paper clip" America gave refuge to thousands of German murderers. Unfortunately the Vatican was one of the partners in these crimes helps cover the escape of criminals. Another curious aspect is resistance to judge these criminals of men, women and children, true genocides by governments in theory as "democratic" as Canada, Australia or New Zealand. When the victims were British or American soldiers murderers by Germans these were persecuted  with greater diligence and speed shortly after the war.

 The so-called "German justice" did all tytpes of impediments to the punishment of the murderers, refusing to extradite them to other countries in the limited occasions when requested and widening procedures years, even decades, later to dictate, in most cases, some ridiculous sentences, if any ,exempting to many of these criminals. Recently (July 2015) we have seen how the accounting of Auschwitz, he was a witness seen daily the atrocities that were committed in esses death camp and has been the only judged criminal that has apologized and has shown some repentance barely have condemned to three years in prison and willsee if he goes to jail because the German Justice is seeking excuses for his age, when he is perfectly lucid.

  If we remember the atrocities committed by millions of Germans, yes, millions, not thousands, thousands of towns and villages with their inhabitants burned, the population of the occupied cities destined to starve by sinister plans by giving them methodically fewer food and fewer food, while the Russians fed the Berlin population the next day to conquer the city, the death camps that no country in history has ever done anything like this, the gas chambers, the vans that gassed those carrying within, the enslavement of millions of people used as slaves in factories to death or in private homes as maids, in the field as servants or sex slaves in brothels, the vast majority of the German people knew this and the vast majority of the German people benefited,  reached the German childrens that to use again clothes and toys for the children killed in the gas chambers, not to mention the artistic treasures that also refuse to give the German institutions, and when they do it reluctantly and after of lengthy court proceedings. Again when one thinks of the murders committed by these infra men , just the opposite of what they believed, a great sadness overwhelms the spirit committed by the lack of justice, and is still committing.

We could put millions of examples, but we will give five examples of, parodying the title of the novel by Dostoyevsky,crimes without punishment.

1. Vladimir Katriuk

Vladimir Katriuk was an SS officer of Ukrainian origin, that on March 22, 1943, participated in one of the cruelest massacres of the Second World War, which was perpetrated on the Belarusian village of Khatyn. That day, the Ukrainian and unity brought to the entire city of their homes (women and children included) and put them in a shed. Later, they set them on fire. Died 149 innocents that day.

Katriusk survived the war and managed to emigrate to Canada with false documents. He spent his last years. However, this year the Consultative Center for Jewish Relations and Israeli government asked the country to reopen its case and be tried (something that had failed in a trial in 1999, when no evidence was found against him). However, he died in late May without going through the prison.

You can read the complete story of Katriusk and Khatyn massacre at the following link:

In spanish :

Khatyn, the bloody slaughter in which the Nazis burned alive infants and children.

2- Sommer -Gerhard

Gerhard Sommer,  SS lieutenant , is another of the Germans could be without being judged. This German was accused of participating, August 12, 1944, in the slaughter of the region Sant Anna di Stazzema (in which the Nazis killed with flamethrowers and submachine 560 civilians, mostly women and children).

Although it was found guilty in 2005 "in absentia" by an Italian court (ie, without being present), Member of the 16th "Panzergrenadier-Division Reichsführer-SS" ended up being acquitted for lack of evidence. At present, and his 93 years, lives in a nursing home and, according to the German newspaper "Bild" - could not be tried again because his Alzheimer prevents him testify.

"When the Germans burned alive hundreds of women and children with flamethrowers."

3-Charlotte S.

Charlotte S. is a character in some unknown way, but no less controversial. This criminal German was part of the 3700 Women of the SS who acted as guards in Nazi concentration camps. His case is very striking because, although became famous during World War II for mistreating prisoners in unimaginable ways and brought up his giant dog for it to start the genitals of prisoners, was never tried. This was revealed exclusively the newspaper "Bild" in 2014. Since then, its track was lost.
You can read the complete story of Charlotte S. on the following link:

4-Hans Koenig

Hans Koenig, now 94, is a German native of Bratislava who lives in a small town near Stuttgart (Germany). Known as the "bully" of Auschwitz, during his stay in this camp he enjoyed being cruel to the prisoners. He claimed, for "their own good".

He was an SS doctor assigned to the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. König was a medical service officer who often observed the experiments of Josef Mengele, reporting to various medical firms and authorities in Nazi Germany.
He never denied the torture of prisoners, in fact, it has repeatedly boasted of how Nazism acted against them. "At that time I was glad you belong to ethnic Germans and to be part of that," he said in an interview.

Among other things, the German said he knew about the gas chambers, as well as famine, beatings and mass murders that were committed in Auschwitz. Although he was found competent to stand trial (unlike Sommer) justice never went a step further and never stepped on a court. So did jail.
In her post-war memoirs, Eva Mozes Kor Gives specific mention of König, I was Specifying That Often During The Latter With Mengele's experimentation on twins.

5-Stefan M.

Stefan M. was very young when he started the Second World War, having barely left adolescence. However, he did not hesitate to volunteer in the SS, where he was admitted and rose to become one of the guards guarding the prisoners at Auschwitz. There is evidence that participated in several executions of prisoners. In one of them, happened on October 8, 1942, shot and five other soldiers against 10 prisoners who tried to escape the confinement center (all unarmed).

Despite his crimes, he survived World War II and managed to steal a house in the Bavarian city of Bamberg. Currently it has 89 years and has not yet been tried. Currently, and according to his wife, he has mental problems that would prevent him from giving evidence in a trial. "Sorry, but my husband suffers from severe dementia. He can not remember what happened in the years of the war, "said his wife. Result: The case has been filed.

Bamberg. Home of  German criminal

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