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What happened to the heads of the worst murderers in history? (II)

It's common to hear the Germans say they knew nothing of what was happening to the Jews.
Guess that year is this photo of a Jewish lawyer with SS walking barefoot through the streets of Munich? 1941, 1943, 1945 ? .... No, 1933. Six years before the start of WWII.
Rarely in history it has a people been so blind and deaf collectively.

Yes, this happened in 1933 in view of all Germans.

The "incredible" punishment suffered by the leaders of the murderers :

 Josias, Hereditary Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont

  He joined Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party, becoming a member of the SS on 2 March 1930. Waldeck-Pyrmont was elected as the Reichstag member for Düsseldorf-West in 1933 and was promoted to the rank of SS Lieutenant General.[1] He was promoted again in 1939, to the Higher SS and Police Leader for Weimar. In this position he had supervisory authority over Buchenwald concentration camp

  His "terrible" punishment was :

 Waldeck-Pyrmont was arrested on 13 April 1945, and sentenced to life imprisonment by an American court at Dachau during the Buchenwald Trial on 14 August 1947. He served only three years of his sentence before being released in December 1950 for health reasons. He was granted an amnesty by the Minister President of Hesse in July 1953, which resulted in a significant reduction of the fine imposed on him.
Died in 1967 so, his health was not so bad after all. 

Ricardo Walter Darré
 Ricardo Walther Oscar Darré;  was one of the leading Nazi "blood and soil" (German: Blut und Boden) ideologists and served as Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture from 1933 to 1942. He was an SS-Obergruppenführer and the seventh most senior officer of the SS. When the Second World War ended, Darré was the senior most SS-Obergruppenführer, with date of rank from 9 November 1934, outranked only by Heinrich Himmler and the four SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer.
 Darré strongly influenced Himmler in his goal to create a German racial aristocracy based on selective breeding. The Nazi policies of eugenics would lead to the annihilation of millions of non-Germans.

 His "terrible" punishment was :

 In 1945 the American authorities arrested Darré at Flak-Kaserne Ludwigsburg and tried him at the subsequent Nuremberg Trials as one of 21 defendants in the Ministries Trial, also known as the Wilhelmstrasse Trial (1947–1949)-
 Darré was sentenced to seven years at Landsberg Prison. He nevertheless was released in 1950 and spent his final years in Bad Harzburg. He died in a Munich hospital on 5 September 1953.

 Josef "Sepp" Dietrich  was a Waffen-SS general.
Dietrich led the Leibstandarte, this "elite"
(to call "elite" to a bunch of murderers is a sinister joke )
division, a component of the Waffen-SS, was found guilty of war crimes in the Nuremberg Trials. Members of the LSSAH participated in numerous atrocities. They killed at least an estimated 5,000 prisoners of war in the period 1940–1945, mostly on the Eastern Front.

 Under his overall command killed between 77 and 82 U.S. prisoners of war near Malmedy, Belgium, in what is known as the Malmedy massacre.

 His "terrible" punishment was :

Dietrich was tried as Defendant No. 11 by U.S. Military Tribunal at Dachau  he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Malmedy massacre trial for ordering the execution of U.S. prisoners of war in Malmedy. Due to testimony in his defence by other German officers, his sentence was shortened to 25 years.  Dietrich served only ten years and was released on parole on 22 October 1955. However, he was rearrested in Ludwigsburg in August 1956. He was charged by the Landgericht München I and tried from 6 May 1957 until 14 May 1957 for his role in the killing of SA leaders (aka Night of the Long Knives") in 1934. On 14 May 1957, he was sentenced to nineteen months for his part in the purge . He was released due to a heart condition and circulation problems in his legs on 2 February 1958. By then he had already served almost his entire 19-month sentence.

Dietrich was sentenced to death in absentia by a Soviet court in connection with war crimes committed by Leibstandarte in Kharkov in 1943.

In 1966, Dietrich died of a heart attack in Ludwigsburg at age 73. Seven thousand of his wartime comrades came to his funeral. He was eulogized by former SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS Wilhelm Bittrich, another war criminal that led the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer, involved in war crimes in the USSR (August 1942 - 15 February 1943).

Wilhelm Bittrich  was an SS-Obergruppenführer and Waffen-SS General    

 He also led the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer, involved in war crimes in the USSR (August 1942 - 15 February 1943).  Which was involved in anti partisan operations behind the front line and was responsible for the extermination of tens of thousands of the civilian population.

 His "terrible" punishment was :

 After his arrest on 8 May 1945 he was extradited to France  As the commander in charge of the culprits, he was held responsible for the misconduct of his subordinate troops and sentenced to five years in prison. The sentence was considered as served after a long pretrial detention. He was put on trial for a second time in 1953 and sentenced to five years in prison for countenancing hangings, pillage and arson,but was acquitted by the French court in Bordeaux again and released in 1954.

 Seeing little or no punishment for these murderers in series, it is true what a prosecutor said at Nuremberg trial, that a chicken thief was punished more than these serial murderers.

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