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The life of a nazi after the war

We have seen that only a handful of Nazis were punished for their crimes. The vast majority went unpunished and were very welcomed by the majority of German society, reaching the highest positions of the political, army and industry, including many government departments that were almost 100% Nazis in West Germany after from the war.

 Let's analyze the life of Paul Karl Schmidt
Born: November 2, 1911, Kelbra, Germany

 Paul Karl Schmidt became a member of the Nazi Party in 1931 and a member of the SS in 1938. He graduated from university in 1934, and became an assistant at the Institute of Psychology of the Universität Kiel in Germany. He held several positions in the Nazi Student Association

 Paul Carell ( he changed his name for publications ) was an Obersturmbannführer in the Allgemeine-SS in Nazi Germany. He worked as the chief press spokesman for Joachim von Ribbentrop's Foreign Ministry, where he formulated propaganda for the foreign press

 Schmidt chaired the daily press conferences of the ministry, and was thus one of the most important and influential propagandists for National Socialism during World War II. Recent studies confirm that his influence was at least on the same level as that of Otto Dietrich (Reichspressechef of Adolf Hitler) and of Hans Fritzsche (Pressechef the Reichspropagandaministerium). Schmidt was also responsible for the German propaganda magazine Signal, which was published in several languages to tell the German side of the story in neutral and occupied countries during the war.

 Schmidt justified the Holocaust through his propaganda efforts. In May 1944, he gave advice on how to justify the deportation and murder of Hungarian Jews, to counter the potential accusation of mass murder.

 The planned undertaking (against the Jews of Budapest) will create significant attention, and lead to a strong reaction because of its scope. Those who are against us will scream and talk of a hunt on humans, and will try to use terror propaganda to increase feelings against us in neutral states. I would therefore like to suggest whether it would not be possible to prevent these things by creating reasons and events justifying the undertaking, e.g. finding explosives in Jewish association buildings and Synagogues, plans for sabotage attacks, for a coup d’etat, attacks on policemen, smuggling of currency in significant amounts to destroy the fabric of the Hungarian currency. The final piece of this should be a particularly heinous case, which can then be used to justify the dragn

 Do you think that he was punished ?  Sit and wait...

Schmidt was arrested on 6 May 1945 and interned for 30 months. It was left open for a long time whether he would appear as one of those indicted, or as a witness for the prosecution, during the war crimes trials. During the Ministries Trial, part of the Nuremberg Trials, he finally appeared as a witness for the prosecution, and disingenuously portrayed himself as a fighter for democratic freedom of the press

 From 1965 to 1971 the Office of the State Prosecutor of Verden in Germany investigated him for murder. But the investigation, which should have clarified his role in the genocide of Hungarian Jews, ended without an indictment. Schmidt never had to face a trial for his activities during the war.


In his books, Carell portrays the Wehrmacht as "heroes"  fighting for a lost cause. Carell presents the post-war revisionist messages first popularized by leading Wehrmacht ex-generals:
  • The German soldier fought a clean war imposed on him by an evil dictator (there is no mention of the war of aggression and annihilation, which the war in the East really was)
  • The Waffen-SS appear as soldiers just like all the rest
  • In the end, the overwhelming material and human resources of the enemy defeat the Germans
Carell's works emphasize the German army's professionalism, sacrifice and positive encounters with civilians. His books also suggest that the Wehrmacht freed the Russians from their Communists tyrants and restored their religious community.
The army thus operated in a world distinct from the political sphere, and the culprits for any calamities that befell the Russian people rule this political sphere, namely the Nazi and the Communist parties. The thrust of this argument thus confirmed the high moral position of the German officer, perpetuating the myth of the 'clean Wehrmacht'. Carell's themes of anti-Communism also appealed to the U.S. public and garnered Carell repeat reprints.

 Karl was one of the culprits that the true vision of the murderers was softened for decades. In his books the killing of children, women and elderly prisoners of war held by the SS massively and Werchmat not appear.

The massive, and fanatical support of most Germans to Hitler disappear in his publications and blames all defeatto to the numerical and material Russian superiority when the truth is that the Russians were better than the Germans in tactics and strategy in the last years of the war.

 In short, he was not punished, he was awarded with huge profits of its publications and allowed to spread the poison of his theories that have survived to this day.
Congratulations Germany !

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