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Refugees of first, second and third class. Do try Europe all in the same way?

(By Jesús Domínguez) Under the heading of "refugees" the European Union has received over 2015 , more that  one million people who have come to our borders theoretically driven by conflict in their countries of origin. The truth is that the way in which this phenomenon occurred, exponentially, sudden, massive and without any control, it has caused that have been mixed apples with oranges and Europe have to deal with the most important vital problem from the fall of the Berlin wall.

Regardless of the multiple causes and explanations of this phenomenon, if anything is clear, it is that in Western public arena there is discrimination or differentiation between different types of mass movement of refugees in Europe, depending on what public opinion is want to transmit or instill. So, we would have more categories or classifications for refugees would receive treatment or received: first refugees (the "famous" hogging covers in the West), refugees of second class, and finally, in the caboose, refugees of regional third class. Let's take a look at the refugees who are not part of the Champions Leage.

Refugees of second class

The current situation in eastern Ukraine is a status-quo of "no-war" way of turning into a frozen low-intensity conflict. But in a year of conflict in Ukraine more than a million and a half refugees from different regions of the country they have crossed the border into Russia to escape the war. Almost uniformly, refugees leaving their homes hastily hardly any belongings, and often alone with nothing.
East Ukraine´s refugees
This authentic human tide has been completely ignored by the media, politicians, and Western institutions, and has obviously been a serious humanitarian and economic problem for the Russian Federation, which has faced similar solo drama of enormous dimensions. And there are a very important component to note: Russia has opened its borders wide open to all refugees from Ukraine, whichever side they belonged.
Within this half million refugees from Ukraine in Russia, the worst part, the most dramatic undoubtedly is what are now living it thousands of children who have come alone to Russian territory (his parents have died in the fighting , they have remained in the conflict zone, have disappeared or simply been lost) and are being welcomed by charities and the Orthodox Church in Russia. Their situation is very dramatic, both emotional and materially, they lack all the basics, and not be evident need to stop pointing that out, the weather there is very hard.
No one in the West, particularly the European Union, are worrying about the situation of these refugees and the future challenges raise his possible return, and its consequences for Europe .

Refugees of regional third class

In Serbia there are currently more than 900,000 refugees from armed conflicts in Croatia (390,000), Bosnia (270,000), and Kosovo (250,000).
Some were taken in by relatives. Others, the "luckier", they had to go later to Canada, USA, Russia and the European Union. But most of these families "third refugees" living in temporary housing, in difficult conditions, which sometimes have to share narrow prefabricated shelters where Balkan jointly face the icy winters for many years.
Kosovares destruyendo iglesias
Muslims destroying churches
They were driven from their homes, and have not received any substantial assistance, or even a mere formal support from any of the institutions that now boast of solidarity both on the front of the media.
There is an aggravating factor in this case should lacerate the manipulated collective consciousness of the European Union: the time factor and inaction. We are talking about situations that persist over time in some cases from 20 (twenty) years, as the case of the more than 250,000 Serbs expelled within 48 hours of the Krajina region by Croatian troops during "Operation Storm" in 1995. all these people have not been able to return home (even in the  land property registration are the names of its original owners) they have to make up for the losses and injustices, and also no one in the West has put the means for resolve this. Moreover, it appears that what has been tried to plug this ethnic cleansing (which occurred in a EU country) with a veil of secrecy.
However, the most poignant comparison, both for its proximity as emotionally which has led to an entire nation, is the case of Western silent about the plight of the Serbs expelled from Kosovo.

A human drama lived in 2 acts

While in early 1999 we saw the news prime-time Western News connected directly with the camps of Kosovo Albanian war refugees displaced to justify armed intervention of NATO in Kosovo, all that media coverage was gone, when unleashed a violent ethnic cleansing against all non-Albanians (Serbs, Roma, Gorani , Bosniaks) after the war ended, and NATO-UN present in the area to ensure peace.
In total 250,000 Serbs they were expelled from Kosovo with one hand in front and behind by Kosovo Albanians, with the consent and acquiescence of the troops who in theory had gone there to prevent such indiscriminate large-scale terror against the population.
Church destroyed
Church destroyed
And was not stop the things here, as the ecstasy of this game against the Serbian arrived with furious pogroms or anti-Christians, 2004 in which churches and monasteries were destroyed in attacks and were desecrated all types of Christian places of worship, were burned houses, farms, and fields ... and again under the auspices of peacekeeping troops of NATO-UN . Since then there have been against the non-Albanian population 8,500 disappearances and extrajudicial executions which have not yet been clarified.
Iglesias destruidas
Churchs destroyed by Muslims.
Finally, note that all this drama of large movements of refugees in Serbia have to frame it in the humiliating paradox alive today its citizens: it is more difficult for a Serb (usually with good training and knowledge of several languages) enter the European Union legally, than for any of the so-called "refugees" from East and Asia, and these last ones must pass through its territory to do so.

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