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What made Poland with the Jews who returned from the concentration camps? ... Killed them

Poland is a curious case. The first thing she did when she became independent from Russia in 1918 was to attack neighboring countries, Germany, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia and Russia, to gain more territory. Incredible but true, she was, and is, an aggressive country.

 Poland was, and is, a deeply anti-Semitic country. The few Jews fleeing the Germans and hid feared their fellow Poles equal to or more than the Germans. because the Poles betrayed them for money, food or just to stay with its properties.

When the Germans were holding a "Aktion" ( the killing of all the Jewish inhabitants of a city or town, including children and babies ), it was normal had a queue of cars
of Polish farmers waiting   just to participate in the looting and pillaging.

Irena Sendler in 1944
 There were cases of Poles who helped Jews, one of the most famous is is the nurse Irena Sendler who saved, alone, 2,500 Jewish children getting them other families and hiding their data to recover its identity after the war, but it was not the norm. the standard was rather the opposite, even this heroine Irena Serndler, after the war found usually paintings on the door of his apartment, where he was accused with folly of being "a friend of the Jews" or called "mother Jewish
Irena Sendler in 2007

This was the sad reality after the war,  the few survivors who returned to their homes, found them occupied by people who did not want them back, and in such a hostile environment most migrated to other countries. It is known the story of a survivor when she returned she was told for a neighbourgh, "Oh, you're still alive?"

 Worse, the few Poles who helped hide the Jews, sometimes for years and risking life and his family had to hide their good deeds because they were frowned upon by his neighbors who had denounced the Germans if they had known.

 We had to think that anti-Semitism in Poland has several origins, mainly economic and religious. Jews were an important part of society and, in general, were better placed financially than the average of the Poles, so if to betray a Jew could stay with his house that was better than that of the person reporting, the answer is clear.
To that we can add envy, religious prejudice and support of the Germans, so that the environment surrounding the Jews was lethal.

Historian Dobroszycki wrote that "according to general estimates 1500 Jews lost their lives in Poland from liberation until the summer of 1947.

Coffins after Progrom in Kielce ( Poland ) July 1946, some are of children.
 In Poland happens now something like the Turks deny the genocide of Armenians, any reference to Polish anti-Semitism is considered an attack on the nation and is still a taboo subject, only some historians as Jann T. Groos have dared to write some books about it, and are suffering the consequences.

Jan .T.Gross
 Jews constituted between 2% and 3% of the total number of victims of postwar violence in the country,[including the Polish Jews who managed to survive the Holocaust  The incidents ranged from individual attacks to pogroms. Jewish emigration from Poland surged partly as a result of this violence, but also because Poland was the only  Eastern Bloc country to allow free Jewish emigration (aliyah) to mandate Palestina.
A survey in 2005 in which Poles were asked about their relationship with other nations, the proportion of the population with anti-Semitic ways of thinking is much higher than in other European countries. 45% of respondents said feel antipathy towards Jews, 18% affection, 29% indifference and the remaining 8% was not clear. Another survey of January 2004 indicates that 40% of Poles believed that their country with a Jewish population of less than 15,000 people about 39 million total population is "being ruled by Jews."
Actually Poland is the eleventh country in the list of the most corrupt countries in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), what we understand as the Western world.

Thus it is reflected in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 by Transparency International. Poland has received a score of 62 on a scale of 100, in which 100 represent an absolute absence of corruption and outright corruption 0.

Poland currently maintains a very aggressive policy against Russia, trying to harass her at any time, even actively participating in the coup of Maidan in Ukraine and sending mercenaries to war in Donbass. She also allows the installation of American missiles against Russia, and secret jails,  in their territory and dismantles monuments to Soviet soldiers who died freeing Poland from the Germans.  
It seems That Poland don´t  have learned nothing

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The population growth is stagnant 

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