Friday, 3 June 2016

As more I know about Germany, more surprised ( in the bad sense )

We have seen how the vast majority of German WWII murderers escaped without punishment, including senior members of the SS, Army, Judges, Administration, etc ...
Murderers of thousands of people lived peacefully in Germany between approval and affection of his countrymen, occupying positions in all spheres of government and economy of post-war Germany, even the highest positions.

 But there is an even more nauseating detail, such was the security that they had dared to judge others, pursuing those who had fought against Hitler and being judges in trials against political enemies of post-war Germany.

 In any area and aspect of everyday life in Germany will be serial murderers in important posts, let's take a simple example, lawsuits against the extreme left group Baader Meinhof.

Siegfried Buback  was the Attorney General of Germany from 1974 until his death in 1977 .

He was a member of the Nazi Party
He accused the political magazine Spiegel of high treason in the Spiegel scandal. In 1966, acting against the Press freedom.

 He was killed by a group of German extreme left.

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