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The murderers and their "punishment".

Here start a short list of some Nazi criminals and their "punishment", contrary to what most people believe, the vast majority or received no or very mild punishment for hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of murders.

  • Karl Silberbauer. The German police who arrested Anne Frank.
    The victim. Anna Frank
    Karl Silverbauer  young
 Fourteen months in prison for his activities during World War II. In 1954, two years after the publication of the English edition of the Diary of Anne Frank, was reinstated as a member of the Vienna police.

       Some authors said that he collaborated with the intelligence of the Federal Republic of Germany during the postwar. (1) 
Karl Siverbauer old

He died in 1972.

It is not possible to put a photo of the victim in his old age, this murderer and his accomplices prevented her from growing up by killing her so young.

(1) ↑ "Anne Franks Peiniger arbeitete für den BND", Focus, April 9, 2011. Retrieved April 11, 2011 (in German).
↑ Ferrer, Elizabeth. "The Nazi police who arrested Anne Frank in Amsterdam was after spy for the Federal Republic of Germany", "El País" ( spanish newspaper) , April 11, 2011. Retrieved April 11, 2011.

  • Alois Brunner . Director of camp and killer.
Born in Nádküt, Vas, Austria-Hungary  (now Rohrbrunn, Burgenland, Austria). He joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and the Sturmabteilung  (SA) in 1932. After joining the SS in 1938.
Alouis Brunner , young
Brunner held the rank of Captain of the SS, when he organized deportations to Nazi concentration camps  from Vichy France and Slovakia. He was commander of a train of Jews deported from Vienna to Riga in February 1942. En route, Brunner shot and killed Jewish financier Siegmund Bosel, who, although ill, had been hauled out of a Vienna hospital and placed on the train. According to historian Gertrude Schneider, who as a young girl was deported to Riga on the same train, but survived the Holocaust:
Alois Brunner chained Bosel, still in his pajamas, to the platform of the first car—our car—and berated him for having been a profiteer. The old man repeatedly asked for mercy; he was very ill, and it was bitterly cold. Finally Brunner wearied of the game and shot him. Afterward, he walked into the car and asked whether anyone had heard anything. After being assured that no one had, he seemed satisfied and left.
Before being named commander of Darncy Internmant Camp near Paris in June 1943, Brunner deported 43,000 Jews from Vienna  and 46,000 from Salonika  . He was personally sent by Eichmann in 1944 to Slovakia  to oversee the deportation of Jews. In the last days of the Third reich he managed to deport another 13,500 from Slovakiato Theresienstadt, Sachsenhausen, Bergen-Belsen, and Stutthof of whom a few survived; the remainder, including all the children, were sent to Auschwitz, where none are known to have survived.
Louis Brunner

After the war,

Claiming he had "received official documents under a false name from American authorities", Brunner claimed he had found work as a driver for the Unites States Army  in the period after the war.
It has been alleged that Brunner found a working relationship after World War II with the Gehlen Organization
 The Gehlen Organization or Gehlen Org was an intelligence agency established in June 1946 by U.S. occupation authorities in the United Staters  Zone of Germany, and consisted of former members of the 12th Department of the German Army General Staff ( Foreign Armies East , or FHO). It carries the name of Werchamacht Major General Reinhard Gehlen head of the Nazi German military inteligence  in the Eastern Front during World War II.
Alouis Brunner , old.

 The Gehlen Org employed hundreds of former members of the Nazi Party,which was defended by the CIA. 
 He fled West Germany only in 1954, on a fake Red Cross  passport, first to Rome, then Egypt, where he worked as a weapons dealer, and then to Syria , where he took the pseudonym  of Dr. Georg Fischer. In Syria, he was hired as a government adviser.

In an interview of the killer in German newspaper Bunte :
 Brunner was quoted as saying he regrets nothing and that all of the Jews deserved their fate. According to a widely quoted 1987 telephone interview with the Chicago Sun Times, he was reported to have said: "All of [the Jews] deserved to die because they were the Devil's agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again."
Until the early 1990s, he lived in an apartment building on 7 Rue Haddad in Damascus, meeting with foreigners and occasionally being photographed. In the 1990s, the French Embassy received reports that Brunner was meeting regularly and having tea with former East German nationals. According to The Guardian, he was last seen alive by reliable witnesses in 1992.
In December 1999, unconfirmed reports surfaced that Brunner had died in 1996, and been buried in a Damascus cemetery. However, he was reportedly sighted at the Meridian Hotel in Damascus  by German journalists that same year, where he was said to be living under police protection. The last reported sighting of him was at the Meridian Hotel in late 2001 by German journalists.
In 2011, Der Spiegel reported that the German intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst had destroyed its file on Brunner in the 1990s, and that remarks in remaining files contain conflicting statements as to whether Brunner had worked for the BND at some point

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