Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The murderers have beautiful tombs, cows graze on its victims.

  There is an organization Yahad in Unum, led by Catholic priest Father Desbois looking for mass graves where   the Germans executed by bullets or mines to mothers, children , men and elderly without distinction or mercy, and identifies the place where they were executed talking to the village elders who were children then (The Holocaust seems distant but live many eyes that saw it).

  One of the many reasons of shame as a human being as well as the Germans have had their crimes to be forgotten in a few years to commit, is that the tombs of serial murderers, of murderers of children are kept scrupulously clean by German organizations as the German War Graves Commission (Deutsche Volksbund Kriegsgräberfürsorge) while the remains of their victims lie unburied, without name and cows grazing on many of them.

The fisrt mass grave found. here the las Jews of rawa-Ruska were killed in June 10, 1943. The Germans said to the Jews to dig the pit anf get inside it : they then exploded a mine . " There were pits of bodies everywhere".

Situation in the SSSR  of Ukrania

  Americans when they discovered the German death camps forced many citizens of the nearby towns to visit their fields and bury their dead killed by them.
  This curios photograph shows Nuremberg citizens carrying bodies of victims 0od nearby concentration camp to be buried. By the costumes and look of the Germans is clear that they have not suffered much in the war.

Accomplices of murderers carrying bodies of victims of the nearby concentration camps
to be buried in Nuremberg

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