Saturday, 19 October 2013

What happens when the Germans judge to German murderers ( I )

Any informed person knows what were the Nuremberg trials. Few know that there were several Nuremberg trials and fewer still know that there were trials in other cities to punish the German murderers who committed atrocities ever seen in the history of mankind.

Let's focus on one of the subsequent trials at Nuremberg trial. Specifically the Trial held in Frankfurt (Germany) from October 1963 to August 1965. Nearly 20 years after the end of the war and which was judged several of the worst   sadistic murderers of Auscwitz extermination camp.

The first surprise is how it took so long to try them and the second is that all led a normal life in Germany before his arrest, well received by the Germans and some even working in the German administration.

The sentences in most cases were ridiculous and adding injury to insult, most were released before they were fulfilled.

Here I attach a table that reflects the time in prison to which they were convicted and the time they were in prison.
We're talking about the worst murderers that the human mind can conceive. Individus that killed dozens of children in a day injecting poison into the heart, after sitting them, holding their hands and blindfolded. We speak of the Birkenau camp commander. We talked about who selected when the people went down off the train (after several trips horrific days without water or food) who would die instantly gassed or  would die slowly in forced labor. We talk about men that separated the daughters of mothers, sisters, parents, families, we talk about entities to which hardly can be called human beings and yet were welcomed by the German population after the war with love and understanding and some, very old, still live unmolested in Germany.


In later posts I will give details of the horrible crimes that each of these murderers committed and the incredible kindness with which German judges judged them.

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