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What happens when the Germans judge to German murderers ( II )

 Some of the criminal that were judged in Frankfurt (Germany) from October 1963 to August 1965, their crimes, their sentences and the time they were in jail.

(February 7, 1907 Reußmarkt, Transylvania (Hungary) – March 20, 1985 Göppingen, Germany) was a Nazi SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) and KZ-Apotheker (concentration camp pharmacist) in the concentration camps of Dachau (1943–1944) and Auschwitz (1944-1945).

He was sent to Dachau Concentration Camp in September 1943; he worked there until his subsequent transfer to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in February 1944. In Auschwitz, he acted as the attending KZ-Apotheker (pharmacist) until the camp was evacuated in January 1945. Capesius worked closely with Josef Mengele and together they were heavily involved in the selection of inmates for the gas chamber. In Auschwitz, he had risen to the rank of SS-Sturmbannführer, in November 1944, and was in charge and control of the chemicals used in the extermination of the Jews, such asphenol and Zyklon B. This, it should be noted, was during the mass murder of almost 400,000 Hungarian Jews

On August 20, 1965 he was indicted in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials by the Landgericht Frankfurt am Main Community for aiding and abetting the murder of at least four cases of 2,000 people and convicted to nine years in prison. Capesius served three years and was released from prison in January 1968. (¡!)

Was born in German Empire, Finkenwalde (now Zdroje, Szczecin, Poland), on May 11, 1916

In September 1940, he was transferred to Auschwitz and was assigned by the Concentration Camps Inspectorate in the Political Department of Auschwitz. From the day of his assignment until 1944, he participated in shootings, torture, and gassings in the Department.

He was tried and found guilty of "aiding and abetting murder on 32 separate occasions, 2 involving the murder of at least 750 people" and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Dylewski was released in 1968 by the court, having served only three years in prison. (¡!)

Born 14 Decembre 1902 in Mährisch- Lotschnau. Died 18 August 1984 in Plochingen (Germany )

Belonging to th staff of Auschwitz I and Auschwitz III, murdered inmates through injections. Sentenced to 3,5 years imprisonment at the Auschitz trial in Frankfurt am Main but  released by the time spent in custody. (¡!)

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