Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What happens when the Germans judge to German murderers ( and IV )

I could go on putting the shameful example of German behavior from after the war until today and the ridiculous sentences that were imposed to real serial murderers , as a prosecutor at Nuremberg Trial said "even to a chicken thief will impose a greater punishment," but as Spanish proverb says "as an example a button is enough".

Born in Lvov in 1910, until the outbreak of World War II was Polish citizen of German origin. Died in 1978.

Member of SS from 21 November 1939.. He served in Auschwitz till 20 January 1945. He was manager of the store of clothing and equipment.
He knew Polish very well and he was particularly dangerous for the Polish prisoners. He evesdropped them and made delations, under which prisoners suffered severe penalties.
Breitweiser often made the examination of prisoners, depriving them of food, and zealously benefited from stock of food for prisoners.
He was sentenced to death in the Krakau Auschwitz Trial but was conmuted by the law of grace to life for Polish President. He left the prison in 1958.

During the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial was charged with the throw of cyclone b to the gas chamber in Auschwitz..
He was acquitted (¡!)

Rio de Janeiro, April 25, 1921 - Düsseldorf, November 28, 1993) was an SS officer, of Brazilian origin, with the rank of SS-Unterscharführer, active in the Auschwitz from April 1942 until its closure in 1945 .

Arrested in November 1964. In the process, they found their participation and supervision during the selections on the ramp at Birkenau, in addition to its participation in interrogations, torture and executions. Therefore, he was sentenced to four years in 1965.(¡!)
He died of natural causes in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1993

20th May 1907 in Gliwice, † 23 December 1997 in Mannheim, was an SS troop leader and used as a medical orderly in Auschwitz

He killed many prisoners, including children with injections of phenol in the heart.

"Lethal injection" meant being killed with an injection of phenol than 10 cc, injected directly into the heart. The victims died on the spot. With this method of murder was started in August 1941. 

Until the arrest in August 1961, he worked as a doorman at a machine factory in Mannheim. In the first Auschwitz Trial was sentenced to four years in prison and deprivation of political rights for four years .Due to police custody after the verdict on August 19, 1965 was released. (¡!!!!! )

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