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The Estonians were also guilty of genocide (II)


Studying the atrocities committed by Germans and its European accomplices leads many surprises.
  One is to see the fate of three of Estonian genocides that were judged in a trial in the URSS in Tartu ( Estonia ) the 19th and 20th January, 1962.

Each one followed  a totally different destination

 By the early 1960s, the Soviet government was pursuing Juhan Jüriste, Karl Linnas and Ervin Viks, who were accused of murdering 12,000 people in the Tartu concentration camp. A more recent estimate concluded that the number was around 3,500 people, mainly Estonian and Estonian Jews as well as some Soviet POWs and Jews from Poland and Czechoslovakia.

The information about them is different also, little of Jüriste, a lot of Linnas and enough of Viks.

1897- 1962 Tallin ( URSS )

He was executed by his crimes in 1962 in Estonia.

Linnas, as the head of the Tartu concentration camp and a member of "the Omakaitse" (or Home Guard) who ran the camps during the years of war, was convicted of supervising the execution of an estimated 12,000 civilians (including women and children) at the Tartu concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Estonia in1941 – 1944. A more recent estimate concluded that the number was around 3,500 people, mainly Estonian and Estonian Jews as well as some Soviet POWs and Jews from Poland and Czechoslovakia

  He fled to the United States until it was discovered and was one of the two war criminals that were returned to the URSS for trial for their heinous crimes, among the thousands who found refuge and protection from the government of the United States (see Operation paper clip).

Ramsey Clark, the lawyer who defended Linnas in court, claimed that hunting Nazi war criminals was wrong on principle.
“I oppose the idea of regenerating hatreds and pursuits forty years after the fact,” Clark said.
But the prosecutor responded, “The passage of time does not mitigate what they have done, and it doesn’t excuse it.”
One witness, a prisoner at the Tartu camp, said he saw Linnas on one occasion helping a little girl onto a bus that was leading a group of people to an execution ditch. Linnas, the witness said, was smiling and encouraging the girl onto the vehicle.
On a different occasion, another witness said that Linnas fired his pistol into the ditch to finish off civilians.
In 1981 the Federal District Court in Westbury, New York, stripped the 62-year-old Linnas of his U.S. citizenship for having lied to immigration officials thirty years earlier about his Nazi past. Linnas's crimes, the judge said, "were such as to offend the decency of any civilized society." A 1986 federal appeals court upheld his deportation order, ruling that the evidence against the defendant was "overwhelming and largely uncontroverted."
The court decided that evidence against Linnas contained incontestable proof that he was a mass murderer. Linnas was convicted, and after several appeals the US revoked Linnas, who was 67 years old at the time, of his American citizenship and he was extradited to the Soviet Union.
Karl Linnas in 1987 in the airport of Tallin.

Karl Linnas died of heart disease a few months after his arrival in a hospital in the Soviet Union on July 2, 1987.
He was not repented of nothing

Emigrated to Australia and he was protected by the Australian government that denied the petition of extradition to the URSS.
He died in Australia peacefully.

I have not found , yet, a photography of this criminal, but I found a lot of evidence about the negative of the Australian government to judge him as war criminal.

An interesting link to the book Daviborshch's Cart: Narrating the Holocaust in Australian War Crimes Trials :

Link to the Australian newspaper The Age with the new of no extraditation.

  I have not information about Estonian war criminals judged by the Estonian Government and sentenced.
  It isn´t surprising if we see what did the Estonian Government with another of the most wanted Estonian criminals  Mikhail Gorshkow 

Interpret of the Gestapo in Minsk, is considered to have been involved in the murder of nearly 3,000 men, women and children in the ghetto Slutsk . His case has parallels with Algimantas Dailide . He fled to the U.S. where he became a citizen , until in 2002 the state of Florida discovered his lies. Gorshkow then returns to Estonia.
Based on the evidence provided by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2003 , the Attorney General of Estonia opened an investigation into the alleged involvement of Gorshkow in war crimes . The investigation was closed in October 2011 for lack of evidence. Prosecutors argued that there was a possibility that there is more than one person with the surname Gorshkow to collaborate with the Nazis. When in doubt, was released , and now has 89.

  • Other Nazi Estonian criminal died in Costa Rica 2010 to the age of 89 years. Their victims died 67 years before.

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