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Lithuanians are also guilty of genocide

Lithuania and the other Baltic countries were active collaborators of the Germans in the killing of innocent women, children , elderly, civilians whose only crime was being Jewish or not to be in favor of the Germans.

Additions to Lithuanian Territory - 1939-1940 thanks to its partnership with the German murderers.

In these ancient parts of the USSR the problem is not only their criminal and terrible recent past ( Of the 208,000 to 210,000 Lithuanian Jews, about 195,000 or 196,000 were killed before the end of World War and many of other countries were brought to Lithuania to be killed too) but , like Turkey regarding Armenian genocide , they are not sorry for anything and are even going to take the path of fascism with the approval of the European Union.

Jews women running in Kovno ( Lithuania) in front of their Lithuanian killers. Jun-July 1941

Despite its tiny geographical size, the crimes of Lithuanians are gigantic . The Black Book ( Transaction Publishers , 2009 . New Jersey. USA) , a publication that chronicles the crimes committed by the Germans and their accomplices on the Jews of Eastern Europe, devotes to Lithuania  135 pages to Ukraine while "only" 103 pages 

Lithuania and the other Baltic countries were active collaborators of the Germans in the killing of innocent women, children , elderly, civilians whose only crime was being Jewish or not to be in favor of the Germans.

Lhituanian man standing  over bodies of dead Jews

It is curious that if you looks for " German crimes in Lithuania " in Google , the first title that appears is "Soviet war crimes" ¿? And soon after "red Army crimes in Lithuania " . The hatred of the Russians of these tiny countries is huge and very active on the Internet, the current trend is to equate the crimes of the Germans with Russians , enlarging and falsifying the latter, when there is no country in the world I repeat , none , who committed the atrocities of the Germans at this scale and with such premeditation. 

Lithuanians killing Jews while Germans are looking
Dr. Efraim Zuroff, director of the Israeli branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. "To date, Lithuanian governments have not punished a single Lithuanian war criminal. In spite of our considerable efforts and the large amount of information we have given them, they handled three cases with astonishing slowness. Not one of the three served a single day in prison. On the other hand, they're not ashamed to persecute and harass Lithuanian partisans who fought the Nazis. What is common to all these cases is that they're all Jews. Instead of punishing Lithuanian criminals who collaborated with the Nazis and murdered Jews, they're harassing the partisans, Jewish heroes."

Algirdas Jonas Klimaitis (1923 in Kaunas - 1988 in Germany) Journalist, was a Lithuanian para-military commander and war criminal.

After the war, Algirdas Klimaitis, moved to Hamburg, Germany, where he died in 1988 protected by their accomplice , Germany. 

War criminal Klimatis

A unit of insurgents led by unscrupulous Algirdas Klimaitis and animated by the German Security Police Sicherheitspolizei and Security Service , the Sicherheitsdienst , initiated pogroms against Jews in Kaunas at night from 25 to 26 June 1941 . Over a thousand Jews perished in the days when it was the first pogrom of occupied Lithuania nazis.
Different sources provide different figures , one 1.5006 and another 3,800 additional victims in other cities in the country.

We are not spaking about a killer but the boss of the Lithuanian killers and he died peacefully in Germany.(¡!)

Lithuanian troops in german uniform entering in Vilnius in 1939 ( Vilnius was a Polish town)

Another example of the complicity of Lithuanians with Germans and reluctance to acknowledge their crimes.

Historians list over thousand Lithuanians who killed Jews during World War Two

However, they say they will not make the names public before hearing a 

judicial opinion.

The historians arel Lithuanians , of course. They are afraid to list the names of 

Lithuanians war criminals after more of 70 years ¡!

Lithuanian arresting Jews. What will be thinking the young girl ?

They also said : The Nazis managed to get a relatively high number of Lithuanian 

administration institutions and local residents involved in the Holocaust.

It is an exculpatory way of saying that most of the country collaborated with the Germans.


  • Jonas Pukas, a 78-year-old Lithuanian immigrant in New Zealand , member ofmember of mobile murder squad even laughed as he said Holocaust victims 'flew in the air'.  ( 2012) 

A normal person would think that after these statements acknowledging their murders this criminal would be immediately arrested and taken to jail, but, as in many other cases, the New Zealand government has done nothing.

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