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All SS have amnesia and never fired. Ha ha ...!

Declarations of a former SS German newspaper 'Bild'

'I was there, but did not shoot'

• Former SS Werner C. pleads innocent to massacre of Oradour
• In this French town were killed 642 people, including 207 children
• At least 21 of the victims were Spanish nationals, civilian refugees

German killer, free in Germany nowadays

                                                                It may be that he burned them

The church where women and children were burned (as they did in thousands of villages of the USSR)

 Class of boys from the school in Oradour. All of the people pictured here were killed by the SS during the June 10, 1944, massacre. Oradour-sur-Glane, France, photograph taken between 1940 and June 1944.
      US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Lydia Chagoll

A school class of girls in Oradour. All of the children pictured were killed by the SS during the June 10, 1944, massacre. Oradour-sur-Glane, France, photograph taken 1942-1943.

The Machefer family in Oradour. All of the people pictured here, except for the father, were killed by the SS during the June 10, 1944, massacre. Oradour-sur-Glane, France, October 1943.

Is 88 years old and walks with a walker holding with the same hands that the June 10, 1944 wielding a Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle , while participating in a massacre in the French village of Oradour -Sur- Glane in June 1944 during World War II . " I was there , but I did not shoot ," now exculpate Werner C. in an interview with Bild Zeitung .

" It is necessary that a misfortune like that never occur again " , say one year after Charles de Gaulle on the slaughter that marked the collective memory of the French on the Second World War. The murders took place after attack of the Third Company of the 1st Battalion of the Regiment Der Führer , the Waffen -SS, against unarmed civilians in the original site of the French village of Oradour -sur- Glane , in the department of Haute-Vienne of Limousin , occurred while the Battle of Normandy . That day, 642 people were killed , including 207 children machine-gunned and burned . At least 21 of the victims were of Spanish nationality. The few survivors who escaped with the help of the monks of the Abbey of Munch, reported that it was a retaliation for the death of an SS captain at the hands of the partisans. "I am innocent. It was not in the barn. Rode guard near the vehicles," he says now Werner C , then 19 years and is charged according to those witnesses , had gunned down 25 men in one of the barns commune with other Waffen -SS . Even claims to have saved the lives of two women. "When we gathered the villagers in the square, two women came out of the woods. Told them to return to the woods and what they did ," he says .

Werner C. acknowledges having been part of the Der Führer Regiment of the SS Panzer Division Das Reich , but has always denied involvement in the events. The Office of Dortmund now presents new charges in the wake of the recent judgment of John Demjanjuk case , which has laid jurisprudence that the mere fact of belonging to organizations that carried out the crimes is sufficiently incriminating complicity , although the defendant did not commit the crime with his bare hands .

Spanish victims

The Spanish victims of the massacre were civilian refugees with their children, some born and in France. Most were displaced military age , subject to the occupation authorities and who served as agricultural or domestic workers on farms in the region. In the main street of Oradour was a field kitchen that served the Spanish workers , as the family Gil Espinosa , Alcaniz , comprised of two twin beds and 14 years , Francisca and Pilar . The Pardo Lorente , mother and two children, family came from Barcelona and had been in France since January 1939 exodus . The mother, Antonia Pardo, was Murcia. Nuria and Francisco were 9 and 11 years.

When the Nazis surrounded the village , women and children took refuge in the church, while men in the square faced his fate. They were divided and sent to four barns to carry out the executions . Women and children were killed with grenades and machine guns. After the church was burned them all inside.

Emilia and Angelina Masachs The sisters, aged 11 and 8 years, originated in Sabadell and had lost their parents were collected by other Spanish families. Also perished in the church.

Armonia 3 years and twin Esther : The Memorial of Oradour that remembers the victims family names Serrano Pardo, formed by the schoolmaster José Serrano Robles , 29 , his wife Mary and their three daughters also appear Paquita and that just turned one year. There was also married to French Spanish as Carmen Silva , 39 , and others had it as fully integrated into French society , such as family Téllez Dominguez , who came from Barcelona. The youngest of three children , Liberto , 2 years old , was born there .

Werner C. does not remember any of these names. Neither their faces. It is not considered guilty because part "only in surveillance and transport fuel " and has continued to this day his life quietly , in the city of Cologne, where , as every week , go to the supermarket with a shopping list while responding questions from Bild said the same thing consistently every SS who participated in the massacre : " I did not shoot ."

What do you bet that German "justice" does nothing with this war criminal, murderer of children, who continues quietly shopping in Cologne, while their victims died 70 years ago and their lives and aspirations are there forever .

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