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The SS uniforms are “chic” . It isn’t it ? Of course, they were designed by HUGO BOSS.

The involvement of German society in the Holocaust and the dispossession of the Jews it was at all levels.

Although, incredibly, still many Germans still say they knew nothing, when from 1933-1939, to speak only of before the war, all kinds of abuse against Jews happened, dismissal from work, expulsion from universities, schools, ban to go on public transport, racial laws, obligation to buy only at certain times and in certain places, etc, etc, etc even the murder of mental sicks, in which were involved doctor, nurses, hospital managers, etc, etc etc., throughout all Germany, all before the war.

 Most German firms collaborated in the murder of innocent Jews, prisoners of war, civilians abducted from their countries, all used as slaves, often to death in the German factories and businesses, as well as farms by all Germany. Bayer, IG Farben, BMW, Pelikan, Volswagen, Hugo Boss, Porsche, etc, were complicit of mass murder and, as usual, received almost no punishment at the end of the war, rather the opposite.

Hugo Boss joined the Nazi Party under number 508 889 in 1931. This clever tailor was not only a staunch supporter of National Socialism but realized that good business that would be to dress the troops of Hitler. He was dubbed the “Hitler´s taylor”.
Hugo Boss

The postwar (and post apologies).  Hugo Boss was accused of "being a beneficiary of the Nazi government and your company to be important in the economic fabric of Hitler", so he had to pay a fine of 100,000 marks.

Boss died in 1948. Their heirs continued in front of the factory, which was dedicated to making uniforms for a short period, keeping low profile but still prolific. In the early fifties began orders suits for men. Civilians, not military. And the company did not stop growing. In 1984 they released their first fragrance in 1991, when nobody remembered his Nazi origins, was acquired by the Italian group Marzotto, expanding their brands and their borders.

Elegant killers of babies and women.

It was only three years ago, in 2011, when the brand published on its website a formal apology, not so much for supporting the SS but by forced labor (ie slavery) . They kept enslaved in its factory in Metzingen, in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg 180 prisoners of war (40 -140 French and Polish).
The prisoners, according to the German website "The Local" were "employees" by Hugo Boss and lived in appalling conditions in a field near the factory work. Hygiene and food was scarce and the pace of bloody work.
The historian Mr Koester says that the ideology of the Third Reich was "deeply assimilated by the owner of the company while working conditions of the workers themselves were very tragic.”
Advertisement of SA and SS uniforms

These apologies came to light while the brand itself published the book Hugo Boss, 1924-1945: The History of a Clothing Factory.During the Weimar Republic and Third Reich. A very XXI century way to try to exculpate his faults.

There are six sub-brands under the name Boss today. And just this Fashion Week New York, premiered new creative director for its line of women, The Chosen was Jason Wu, the same who dressed Michelle Obama's inaugural ball in 2008. If anything keeps this mark of his first years is a good sight for the business, although they are a little bloodstained.

Nowadays who remembered of the names of their slaves, their ideals, their hopes, their families ?, but many have a perfume of Hugo Boss in your bathroom and the name of Hugo Boss remains almost unpolluted.

Had try the owners of the brand Hugo Boss, to find survivors of the slaves, who used to earn money, or their descendants?. They have created some scholarships for students in their memory? I think that you, readers, can wait seated.

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