Wednesday, 7 October 2015

In the Line of Fire

The war and the destruction of the economy has also led the Ukrainian economic blockade have caused a catastrophic humanitarian situation in part of the territory of Donbass, trying to prepare, often precariously, for the second winter in war. Despite the attempts efficiently distribute humanitarian aid coming from Russia or provided by humanitarian organizations, the situation of the most vulnerable sectors of society remains serious in some areas, especially in small localities not served by that institutional support.

Humanitarian battalions of militias or private initiatives, mainly Russian citizens or organizations have tried to fill those gaps. In his blog, Littlehirosima, Yevdokia Sheremetyeva usually relates humanitarian missions acquired with funds collected through the Internet and distributed in different areas of Donbass, both in times of war and ceasefire. Sheremetyeva also has its views on the actual situation of the population of Donbass and small stories of those who have lost everything and who have been unable to leave the area despite the hunger and destruction have no place to go.

This is Alekseyevna Doroshenko. He suffered hell of Debaltsevo.

We met on a city street by chance. our van unloaded He came as humanitarian aid to a woman suffering from skin cancer. He quietly approached us and took my hand.

"Guys, bring humanitarian aid?

The woman, like a wounded animal, he looked at us with hope.

"That have you?"

Unfortunately, we can not help the whole city. Sorry but we can not ...

"My house is destroyed, comes, I show it".

"Go ahead, this is my home. Or was my home.

And there it was. A house. Have you ever been completely burned houses, where even the remains of past life are: calcined beds, appliances?

Have you ever seen anything so by the owner? Even the bravest get dizzy when entering the "ground zero". It's like they ripped the soul. The woman began to run from one place to another in search of something.

"When we destroyed the house, everything around was burning. My daughter told me "go, go". All around us there was nothing but flames. And tanks. "

The street where his house was suffered more than any other in Debaltsevo. He was in the firing line.

The woman walked confused by the ground covered with the remains of a past life. Just listen. They are not more than two minutes.


Irina Alekseyevna picked all the dishes have endured. He also collected all the fragments of shells and placed them in a corner. The dishes are in sight. Eight months have passed since the slaughter of February.

Washed first snow, then rain. Now the sun dries the dishes. Ririna Alexeyevna carefully protects their dishes. No moves. Nor uses.

"Where do you live? With family, with neighbors? "

"I live here".

Next to the house is shed. The entrance leads to a completely filled room furniture and other belongings. There is no space at all.

"Where she is your daughter?"

Do you live nearby in Cheremushky ".

"Why not welcome you there?"

"How could They? They live four, including her husband, in an apartment in one room. "

And standing there like an idiot, you can not hold and asked: "How is it possible? It is very cold here! And there's no room! "

He turned to me looking at me with his piercing gaze. So much pain and sadness at a glance. He put his hand on my shoulder and walked away.

Plates, small cups still in my mind. Long time nobody needs, but were carefully collected in the chaos. The owner continues to care the day walking through the rubble of his house.

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