Friday, 2 October 2015

Things you did not know about Germany

Late, too late start to appear books that tell the truth about Hitler's Germany and postwar and myths are falling one by one , the diaries of current Germans, new books and testimonies show the complicity of most of the Germans before, during and after the war with the extermination policies and in avoiding the punishment of the criminals. Exceptions were those who fought against Hitler, a very, very small  minority, most of teh Germans  joined him ( to Hiler ) by fanaticism, or, many morefor material  interest.
   Collective amnesia is falling apart as more details are known, but it is incredible how late have been known and as yet, Germany hindering justice for victims in many ways, for example by refusing to criminal punishment, denied restitution of material goods stolen to the heirs of the victims, etc.
On 3 Iuly 1965, Neues Deutschland reported :

Twenty-one ministers and State secretaries from the Federal Republic, 100 generals and admirals of the Bundeswehr [armed forces], 828 high-ranking judicial officers, lawyers and judges , 245 leading officíals of the Auswartíges Amt, Bonn ambassadors and consulates as well as 297 mid- and high-ranking officíals from the police force and the Federal Office for the Protection - the Constitution were influential pillars of the Hitler dictators.

Konrad Adsenauer ( former President FRG and one culprit
Naturally in a society that has contributed massively with the murderers the poison extends to all layers of society even the most "holy" parts of that society.

A Stasi dossier from 1963 come to the sobering conclusion that 

" The majority of church governing bodies consist predominantly of former NDSAP* members ..."

* Nazi Party


Details are nauseating , the Gernan Federal Intelligence in the West, employed people as the SS murder Klaus Barbie, "The Lyon Butcher."

   Americans after the war got the files containing the membership cards of more ten million members of the Nazi party, 15% of the population joined the party.
For decades  the Germans
prevented thet the files
back to Germany for fear that information was known and membership cards corresponding to many of the government members , army and German society, from writers to musicians , even philosophers, were hidden.
   Guess who was appointed responsible for keeping the files of members of the Nazi party when they were returned by the Americans?

  Another nazi of course. Wolfang A. Mommsen, that had worked in the occupied Soviet Union before 1945 and was member of NDSAP.

   A cuel irony is that team that dealt with the prosecution of former Nazi criminals  , guess what ? , Yes were also nazis !. in the headquarters of the State Justice Aministration in Ludwigsburg

Forced by a parlamentary group, the German Government, so late as  December 2010 (¡!)  give a list with the names of 26 government minister and a chancellor who had been members of the NSDAP or other criminal organizations as SS, SA, Gestapo before 1945. 
Real killers !

 Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany from 1974 to 1992 and member of Nazi Party

 Only in 1979 the Bundestag lifted the statute of limitations for murder and genocide once and for all with a majority of 255 votes to 222, not a great diference and 222 of them wanted to exonerate criminals and Nazi murderers children for ever , 43,5% of the German parliament, and in 1979 !, 
What a luck that the Germans had repented of their crimes !. Ha, Ha...

 More nazis in the goverment of Germany :

Klaus Bremm general inspector of the Bundeswehr

Helmut Schlesinger President of the Bundesbank

Recomended books :

 Brown Book, Olaf Kappelt. 1981.
Post-war lies. Malte Herwig 2013


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