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The Germans not only did not punish the majority of their criminals. They were rewarded!

Little by little, too slowly. The truth about postwar Germany is emerging.
The explanation of why there were so few trials, and such small condemnations to the depraved murderers of millions of people and child torturers, is clear, Adenauer's German government and later German governments were mostly made up of Nazis, As well as the courts, espionage service, administration, etc., and protected these assassins even by sending them to South America and allowing them to return whenever they wanted, like the sadistic doctor Mengele.
Although it seems incredible as says the film director Giullio Giacarelli  author of the film "The conspiracy of silence"
Im Labyrinth des Schweigens ( Germany 2014)  , "Before I started to study the subject, if someone had me Asked about the Second World War, he would have said that there was war, Auschwitz, the holocaust ... and that after the war Germany began to clean it ... But no, for 20 years she tried to hide it ".

Fritz Bauer . A Hero
 He said that the film was intended to be "a tribute" to prosecutor Fritz Bauer, who was held for some time in the Heuberg concentration camp, and an attempt "to reflect how a society reacted, in which there was a part that knew, but they did not want to know. " At the same time, he points out that this happened in the Federal Republic of Germany, but was different in East Germany, where "the Holocaust and the Nazi past were very instrumental."
By the way the prosecutor Bauer was assassinated, probably by the German secret service in 1968, in the style of the suicides of the members of the Baader-Mehinof band. "Suicide" in prison in 1977 or a muslim terrorist recently.There seems to be a tendency to commit suicide in German prisons   
There were no signs of suicidal tendencies in Bauer's behavior.
  The instruction of Bauer's deputy to request judicial autopsy was ignored by the Frankfurt prosecutor's office for reasons that are still unknown today, and the corpse was immediately handed over for incineration.

  It is very interesting to know the answer of the future German Chancellor Helmut Kölhn when prosecutor Bauer proposed , in 1962, that a brochure on the origin of the fascist "The Roots of Fascist and National Socialist Action" be distributed in the schools of a German region where it showed that the regime Nazi was not an "accident" in the history of Germany, the Ministry of Culture prohibited it.
  The then deputy of the CDU, and then Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kólhn said that "the temporary distance to National Socialism is too short to make a definitive judgment on the phenomenon." In 1962, 17 years after the end of WWII !
  As usual, already happened during the Nuremberg trials, large segments of the German population protested against the trials to these  killers, they were on their side.

  Adding insult to injury, it is curious, the speed and extent with which the German government, after 1990, documented and tried the crimes committed in East Germany, while He didn´t almost nothing against the German murderers of millions of children, women and elderly for 45 years.

Very interesting the honors thesis of Helen Beckert The Effects of Denazification on Education in West Germany published in december 2016.

  Failures of Denazification

The initial failure of denazification was its rejection by the German people. German citizens were tired of the war, its legacy, and the humiliating psychological effects of occupation by the victors. Under the Federal Republic, most formal programs of denazification quietly died out. Former members of the German army, the Wehrmacht, spread myths about the supposed innocence of the German people and the idea of a defensive war.
For most Germans, this version of history was much easier to digest than the gruesome reality. Since denazification liftedthe veil on Germany’s wrongdoings during World War II, most Germans rejected its policies to avoid shattering their worldview.

A more tangible failure of denazification was the ability of former Nazi officials to return to their old jobs or to obtain new positions of power. By the early 1950s, less care was given to the background of civil servants during the hiring process.

With the lowering of standards for  jobs, former Nazi Party members had the opportunity to return to their former places of employment or find new jobs in local, state, or even federal governments. Additionally, when denazification tribunals had been researching the backgrounds of suspected former Nazis, they often had no resources to fact-check information provided on the Fragebogen

Teachers who had been involved with the National Socialist movement could easily rejoin the profession by providing false information on these questionnaires. The backgrounds of these teachers certainly influenced how and what they taught during and after denazification. Many of them were likely uncomfortable lecturing on the negative aspects of the Third Reich that they had served just a few years previously.

Eventually, former Nazi officials would age out of government positions, but the decades following World War II saw many former National Socialists return to making

government decisions

 Among the millions of murderers, yes, millions, not thousands. There are some especially bleeding like the case  of Arnold Strippel. 
Strippel a German killer

 I do not know if there is anything more cruel than torturing a child and then hanging it, that's exactly what Arnold Strippel did with 20 children used as human guinea pigs by the sadistic doctor 
Kurt Heissmeyer. 

Dr. Heissmeyer 
Kurt Heissmeyer . Another German  killer
removed the children's lymph glands for analysis, and he injected living tuberculosis bacteria in their veins and directly into their lungs to determine if they had any natural immunities to tuberculosis.They were carefully observed, examined and photographed as the disease progressed. The condition of all the children deteriorated very rapidly and they became extremely ill.
His experiment was conducted on 20 Jewish children at Neuengamme concentration camp. The children, along with their four adult caretakers, were murdered by being hanged in the basement of Bullenhuser Damm School in Hamburg.
Strippel was convicted of war crimes at the Third Majdanek Trial before the West German Court in Düsseldorf (1975–1981) for his actions at Buchenwald and at the Majdanek concentration camp, Poland, where he served as deputy commandant.
Srippel after the war, free and rich.

  He was implicated in the torture and killing of many dozens of prisoners including 42 Soviet POWs in July 1942. Strippel received a nominal three-and-a-half year sentence. He also received 121,500 Deutsche Mark  reimbursement for the loss of earnings and his social security contributions, which made him a wealthy man.He used this windfall to purchase a condominium in Frankfurt, which he occupied until his death.

Shame on Germany!

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