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Violations of women in WWII "Marocchinate"

In the Western historiography that has given us a deliberately erroneous image of what happened in WWII, the rape of German women by Russian soldiers becomes especially relevant, but there is no mention of Russian women's rape by the Germans, much less a small difference , 99.9% of German women raped lived to tell it, most of the Russians were later killed.

Unfortunately in recent wars such as Yugoslavia and Ukraine, women continue to suffer, and many of the violations are hidden by the press, and we only find out about them months or years later by reading a book or a specialized report on the subject.

There is a case in the tragic WWII and as usual hidden when the rapists are Westerners or their collaborators, it is the massive rape of Italians by Moroccan soldiers under the orders of French officers.

 The French expeditionary body on the Italian front was composed of 130,000 men, mostly Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians and Senegalese; The goumier were Moroccans of Berber ethnicity, natives of the Mountains of the Atlas, that constituted the colonial French irregular troop

Moroccan soldiers
Montecassino would be captured by the Allies on May 18, 1944. The following night, thousands of goumier roamed the mountain slopes surrounding towns and villages in the Ciociaria region. An Italian Senate Bill of 1996 figures victims of rape and sexual assault in more than 2,000 women (ages 11-86) and 600 men.1 An English report reveals that a large number of women and girls were raped in full Street, numerous sodomized prisoners and some notable men of the region, castrated.2 The writer Norman Lewis, at that time British officer on the front of Montecassino, narrated the facts as follows:
 All the women of Patrica, Pofi, Isoletta, Supino, and Morolo have been raped ... In Lenola on May 21, fifty women were raped, and since there were not enough of them, the girls and the elderly were also raped. Moroccans usually attack women in pairs: while one rapes her normally, the other sodomizes her.

 This was the harangue received by the colonial troops of the French Expeditionary Corps (FEC) under the command of General Alphonse Juin shortly before defeating the Germans in the battle of Montecassino (Italy) ...

General Alfhonse Juin
     If they win this battle, for fifty hours they will be the absolute masters of everything they find beyond the ranks of the enemy. Nobody will punish them for what they do, nobody will ask them for explanations for what they catch ...

Province of Frosinone
 The mayor of Esperia, a commune in the province of Frosinone, reported that in his city 700 women out of 2,500 inhabitants were raped, and that some had died as a result. According to testimonies collected by Bruno D'Epiro, 4 the parish priest of Esperia tried in vain to save three women from the violence of the soldiers, being repeatedly attacked and sodomized, resulting in death. According to some sources, more than 7,000 civilians, including children, were raped by members of the goumier body throughout the incident and throughout the affected area.5 The number of men killed has been estimated at around 800. 

With the advance of the allies along the peninsula, this type of events were also reported in the north of the province of Latium. 

It even came to coin a term for what happened there ... Marocchinate, massive rapes carried out by the goumiers against civilians of both sexes and of all ages after the battle of Montecassino ... with the approval of the officers of the FEC.

 An account of the survivors

 Two women (La Ciociara) is an Italian film of 1960 based on the novel of 1957 La peasant (La ciociara), written by Alberto Moravia. The story revolves around Cesira (Sophia Loren) and her daughter Rosetta (Eleonora Brown) during the advance of troops allied by the Italian peninsula. Michele (Jean-Paul Belmondo), communist intellectual with whom they establish relation, is captured by the Germans. In their attempt to return to Rome, refugees in a church, mother and daughter, are raped by Goumiers of the French colonial troops during the calls "Marocchinate".
Film frame
 Sophia Loren received the Oscar for Best Actress. It was the first time that award was given to someone who had acted in a film in a language other than English.

 This action of the Moroccan troops is not new, in the Spanish civil war 1936-1939, the Moorish troops commanded by the officers of Franco committed similar atrocities because they did not fight if they were not given several hours for the looting and violations.

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